Thursday, August 21, 2008

Making changes

The past few weeks, I've vacillated between trying to stay focused on getting organized and being completely discombobulated. I've also been struggling with reconciling my ambitions with my abilities and my natural predispositions, and I've come to wonder whether I seek improvement in the wrong venues. Certainly, the past year has taught me a lot about myself, allowed me to identify very entrenched patterns of behavior and mental states that both benefit me and prevent me from accomplishing what I want. I think I need to be more focused in defining my goals and creating a plan to accomplish them, and I think that's something I can't do alone. So, despite being pretty broke, I'm going to start looking for a life coach or counselor, because I'm tired of feeling like all I do is tread water. If anyone knows of any good life coaches with reasonable rates, I'm all ears.

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