Friday, August 01, 2008


I have been frustrated by my lack of writing here. I can't say that I'll do anything to remedy it, but I miss having time to process ideas, and even more I miss the inspiration and excitement that used to drive me to post so often.

My birthday was tremendously fun. I had dinner at Dad's Kitchen with about 20 friends, and I got really fun gifts from everyone, for which I will do something I never get around to (much to my mother's chagrin)-- writing thank you notes.

A few months ago, I started a 9-day work schedule, which was supposed to give me every other Friday off. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to take the entirety of many of those Fridays off, and for the last month, I've worked all of those days. It's par for the course at this stage in my project, but I am beginning to doubt the usefulness of remaining on the schedule. For instance, I head into the office soon, though today would normally be my day off. Unfortunately, not having the time off leaves me less opportunity for contemplation, and I really want to put some effort into figuring out what I'd like to try to get out of the next year for myself.

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