Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Wednesday already?

One of my resolutions for this stage of my life (whatever that means) is to be more productive and focused on happiness and success. Whereas I was dedicated to finding my passion during the time that has elapsed since I graduated from college, I've become more pragmatic in the past year or so. I still lapse into laments regarding the likelihood of finding work that makes one sing, and still liking it once compensation is involved (incidentally the topic of this WaPo article and many blogs, subsequently), but ultimately, I realize that work cannot meet all my needs as a human being. In fact, work is particularly bad at meeting some.

Other resolutions for the year include *really* getting organized. I started renting a storage space earlier this year, hoping that removing some of the clutter from the house would help me get a handle on the rest. I'm happy to report that generally, that's been the case, though I haven't been able to accomplish as much as I'd like and the storage space is getting expensive. I'm giving myself a few weeks to get everything cleared out and canceling the service. The only way to get anything done in short order is to force it. And I intend to apply this strategy to *everything*, work, home, relationship, fitness, etc.

Speaking of fitness, I have unfortunately stalled out on 100 pushups, at the end of week three. Since I'm rusty, I'll probably start over again. Despite that, I have been going to the gym and I am even going to dip a toe in the pool-- I just need to determine whether Wednesday, Thursday or Friday night is the emptiest night at the gym.

Another project I want to focus on this year is my blog. I'm in the long slog part of a project at work, but if there's wi-fi on the Capitol Corridor train I plan to take to SF this Saturday (for the Craft release party) and I'm allowed to leave the office, then I will spend my train time re-designing. If not, look for it in a few weeks. I've calendared it.

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