Sunday, September 28, 2008

Getting out of town

I said I was going to get back to posting on Postcards, and since this week marks another year's renewal of my many domain names that may or may not resolve to this blog, I feel compelled to make good on my claim.

I suggested that I might attempt to hit up the Handcar Regatta in Santa Rosa today, but the weather conspired against me and got all hot. When I had first considered it, the forecasted temperature for today was in the low 80s. Obviously, that has not come to pass. And while I got the valve gasket thingy on my car fixed on Friday, I refuse to pay $800 to fix the A/C, which means I don't go anywhere when it's over 90.

Instead, I'm sitting in Coffee Garden and marveling at the success of this site. I have always loved it, but at this point, it has taken over nearly all the commercial space in the building, adding a study room for all the law and med students that frequent the shop, and every table in the back is full. This place truly fills a niche, and the proprietors have served this city well. Bravo, guys.

I am going to get out of town soon. Next weekend, my friends have coordinated a paintball tourney north of Woodland. I also harbor notions of attending Capay Valley's annual Hoes Down, which I miss every single year for various reasons. I'm sure I will this year too.

I'm heading way out of town in less than a month-- en route to Chicago and then on to DC. My college roommate is getting married in Chi, and I want to see new babies and catch up with old friends. I feel a strong pull toward DC despite being hell bent on returning to Sacramento. I also want to go camping before it gets into the rainy season (when it probably won't rain anyway).

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