Monday, October 06, 2008

Illness strikes

I've been trying to beat back a cold for about a week, but lack of restorative sleep and the inability of my coworkers to stay home when they are sick have overtaken my efforts, which include vitamin C and Zicam. Now I have a dilemma: today proves to be busy, as I have a ticket to the mayoral debate tonight, and am due an hour early at work so that I can make it to the debate on time. In addition, there's winemaking duties today and calling in sick isn't an option because this week is already only four days long due to my regularly scheduled Friday off. Not only that, but next Monday is a holiday.

I generally object to ill people going to work, but I also know that my coworkers are the ones who infected me, so the area has been contaminated for some time now. I don't feel very sick, just sniffles and a sore throat, so I'm hoping that staying in for most of the weekend kept my own germs in check, and I hope I'm not contagious now.

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