Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Upcoming election news

I am considering, for the first time in my life, requesting a vote-by-mail ballot just in case I have difficulty getting back from DC by Election Day, so I can be certain that my vote gets counted. I'm not worried about the presidential outcome so much as the propositions and local races. (For which I have yet to develop strong opinions. I'm conflicted over redistricting and some of the bond measures.)

Speaking of local races, I'll be attending the mayoral debate between Kevin Johnson and Heather Fargo on Monday. Sometime today, I have to submit questions for both candidates to KCRA3. I'm leaning toward questions of practical interest for Fargo (e.g. cops and city budget issues) and questions about regional leadership for Johnson (e.g. League of California Cities and SACOG and development). If anyone has some really good wording or particularly interesting questions, let me know!

Finally, Arranging Matches went to the Obama rally in Reno yesterday and got some amazing photos.

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