Friday, November 28, 2008


When I was little, I would help my mom prepare Christmas cards. I loved adorning each card and envelope with holiday-themed stickers and rubber stamps. As much as I enjoyed the decorating, I had zero use for the organization it takes to keep and update a list of recipients. (Confession: I'm also deplorable vis-a-vis thank-you notes.)

Despite my inability to complete my holiday card list on time, or at all, I thoroughly enjoy purchasing new cards. I like to buy several versions of cards, to align with the various characteristics of my friends. In recent years my proximity to Pulp Papery (which recently moved into the cutest space at McKinley Square, btw) has facilitated my purchase of unique cards, and today was no exception. My problem is this: last year I didn't get many cards out, despite having bought decent amount (I give myself a pass, with the fellowship and the frantic thesis-writing), and now I'm not sure who I sent a card at all. I have a strategy though, and a plan to manage the process going forward. First, I'm going to give last years cards to my coworkers, who I did not know before January and am thus assured of no duplicates. Second, I'm going to keep a master list on Google Docs so that I know who got a card in the previous year.

It's so simple. You'd think I would have implemented such a plan much sooner.

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