Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Head in Sand

The economy is so jacked up and lawmakers (not to mention Hank Paulson) so out of synch with what's actually necessary to "fix" the economy that I can't really pay attention. I suppose I have lost the luxury of wondering about the micro effects of macro events. Suffice it to say that this economic downturn is, in a word, lame.

I'm reminded of a time following 9/11 when everyone I knew decided to reconnect with frenemies and family alike, because sadly, it takes crises on a par with Pearl Harbor to remind us of what's really important. I'm also reminded of the song "Mountains of Things" by Tracy Chapman (or any number of other songs by her, for that matter) and feeling dumb about what I've been focused on for the last 6 years.

Life is a long hard slog. Time to get lost in a book.

FYI, I'm in favor of an auto bailout. We just need to start thinking more French. Preserving the health and well-being of Americans is more important than some stupid slavishly free market ideal. Screw markets. People need to eat.

All it took was a big Dem sweep to bring out the socialist in me, I guess.

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