Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Small Favors

Since Saturday, my turn signals haven't been functioning properly. I spoke to my dad about it, and he insisted the problem was merely a fuse. Others have told me that I can't get a fix-it ticket for having my turn signals out, but I know for certain that I can. Why? Because last night as I was leaving Old Ironsides, I was pulled over for having non-functioning turn signals. And if I hadn't purchased a replacement switch several hours earlier, I'm certain that I would be telling you about yet another annoying ticket I have to repair. Fortunately, I pulled out the switch and showed it to the cop, so he let me go, but not until after he made me take a breathalyzer. Good thing I listened to the auto parts store clerk who suggested I buy the replacement part.

Note to self: stay closer to home and only drive in straight lines from now on.

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