Friday, November 28, 2008

You like fun, don't you?

I've been making time for a lot of fun this year, and a good proportion of that fun has been the result of my association with Chris & Margaret, the folks kind enough to invite me over for Thanksgiving, owners of Bad Astronauts Winery (where all those winemaking events have taken place this past summer and fall), local business owners, and all-around fine, fun, friends. It's been, simply stated, a lot of fun.

The latest venture into fun creation is, appropriately, the Sacramento Institute of Fun. SIOF seeks to bring together Renaissance people in the pursuit of fun. Thus far, SIOF has sponsored two events. The first was a wine appreciation class with Donal Smith of Corti Bros., held in the foyer at Revolution Wines. The second event fell victim to rain and clouds, as it was intended to be an astronomy night-- impossible when the night sky is not visible. The third event will be less susceptible to inclement weather: this Friday, December 5th at Revolution, the Sacramento Institute of Fun presents "Jazz De-Mystified". We'll be learning about what makes jazz interesting and challenging, and how to listen and appreciate good tunes. In addition, the Bad Astronauts Galactic Grapefruit wine will be available for tasting (and I swear it's good!) and there will be food too!

All this fun for just $40/ $30 for students and Revolution Wine Club members. I hope to see a lot of folks there!

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