Thursday, December 18, 2008

Holiday Plans

I have absolutely no holiday plans. Not for Christmas, anyway. Generally speaking, Christmas does not hold a great deal of significance for me personally, but I do appreciate the opportunity to acknowledge my friends and family. This year, I feel as if the holidays have arrived tremendously quickly. I haven't mailed my holiday cards, in part because I can't find my stamps, but also because I simply can't get myself in gear to make significant progress on anything. I wanted to engage in a stash-busting knitting spree, making hats and scarves for all my friends' kids. I hoped to put together gifts of food for my friends--small things for my coworkers and something more elaborate for my long-time pals. And I hoped to decorate my apartment. None of these has occurred.

I haven't been hanging out as much this month, so I should have had plenty of time to get things done, but somehow, that hasn't translated to finished projects. Hopefully this weekend will see a flurry of productivity.

Though I may be sadly behind the ball on prepping for this holiday, I am ahead of the curve for my plans for MLK weekend. I usually take a trip on MLK weekend-- I went to Chicago three years ago, and Seattle in January 2007. Last year I had just returned from DC, so I stayed here. I decided, mostly on a whim, that I would like to go to the inauguration. I don't have the right connections to get a ticket to the actual event, but I've been following news of the preparations, and the significant efforts being made to ensure that the public will have access to the Mall and to other festivities about town is encouraging. I feel like even the slightest ability to go should result in a trip. None of us will ever experience anything like this inauguration again.

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