Monday, December 08, 2008

Nice try...

Today, the California Legislature assembled in a joint session for a legislative convention on the budget, with presentations from the Department of Finance, Legislative Analyst's Office, Treasury Secretary, and State Controller. In a word, the budget is awful.

The Bee conducted a "live blog" ( of the session, which was broadcast on simultaneously. The "live blog" was adamantly described as not being a chat, but that is the name I would give the result. A live blog relays the happenings in the room to a reader that is not there, such that they understand the content of the conversation in chronological order. In this exercise, the public was invited to participate in the live blog, and my review of the blog provides little detail regarding what the hell was actually going on during the presentations, because the Bee reporters (Jon Ortiz and Dan Walters) spent a lot of time responding to the uninformed and/or partisan comments from people who for some reason have time to watch videos between 2 and 4 in the afternoon, rather than working. (Apologies to those commenters who are unemployed and thus able to engage in such activities, I mean no disrespect.) I think the point of a live blog in this realm, rather than a moderated live chat, is to give a blow-by-blow presentation of a political event with reactions from a knowledgeable intermediary.

I understand wanting to involve the community, but I can read anybody's rant on their blog or craigslist. I go to the Bee for expertise.

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