Monday, December 29, 2008

Permission denied

Once upon a time, the Bee would inform bloggers that it was going to include their posts in the Sunday paper. A nice little notification would show up in the comments, from Gary Reed. If one did not want that post to be considered or published, they had ample time to notify the paper and remove the offending post.

Why doesn't the Bee do this any longer? Or, if they do, why didn't anyone tell me they were going to include my whiny post about not really enjoying the holidays? I would have preferred the opportunity to respectfully decline.

I could say something snarky here about the Bee's lack of discretion vis-a-vis content, but I'm more concerned with the lack of common courtesy. I realize that what I post here is for public consumption, but taking it and transferring it to the paper puts it into another domain entirely. Not cool.

As a result of this, I'm considering taking down my blog, or taking it private at the very least.

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