Sunday, December 28, 2008


I've been experiencing very full weekends. Last weekend was a 3-day'er, and that was good, because I got nothing done. I fell ill on Monday afternoon and stayed home Tuesday, and while I went to work on Wednesday, it was largely a futile attempt to make progress at work. Thursday was of course Christmas, which I spent at my former boss's house. Friday I went to work and stared at the computer for a while. I did get some work done, but since my job requires that I collect information from other people, I didn't get too far.

Friday night I had dinner at Tower Cafe and saw Milk. I liked it, but I suspected that it was really uncritical, and upon research online and through discussion with folks older than I, I have discovered that it was. Even so, it is a compelling story told in such a way that you end up swept off your feet and taken in by Sean Penn's portrayal of an undeniably important historical figure.

I spent Saturday morning at Sargents Coffee. The holidays must not be treating them well; they've been closed for the last few Sundays, and closed at 1PM yesterday. I managed to finish most of my holiday cards, so anyone who hasn't received a card from me that responded to my e-mail will get it soon.

I had challenged myself to see how much weight I could lose before the end of the year, but my illness threw that plan into disarray, though I did still make it to the gym yesterday. Last night I met friends at Taste of Thai on Broadway for some sinus-clearing spice. We had Tom Kha, Pad Kee Mao and Gaeng Ped, all with tofu, all at least medium spice. I'm beginning to think that medium is no longer hot enough for me. At dinner, we spoke of the need for more tea shops in Sacramento, and thus decided to head to Hina's Tea for a nightcap. En route, we noticed some sort of party happening at Beatnik Studios, a gallery/bar/music venue on 17th Street. They have events on the final Friday of the month (which we missed) and last night there were bands playing in the back. Looks like a cool space I will have to check out again in the future.

Following our brief tour of Beatnik Studios, we headed to Hina's, but were told that we'd have to take our drinks to go because business had been so slow that night. If I hadn't been there for a while, waiting for my friends to arrive and listening to someone who may or may not have been the owner discussing needing to have the flexibility to send people home in order to make overhead and chatting with the people seated at the bar while what appeared to be 4 people behind the counter (though only one was serving the group of people at the register), I probably wouldn't be so annoyed. But standing around waiting to be served while so many people were behind the counter, then being told to take my drink and go, did not sit well with me. I was planning to go back for their Tuesday night movies, but maybe I will just go to the Bonnlair, where my intent to spend money during their business hours buys me a seat for as long as it takes for me to finish my drink.

Tonight, I'm going to the True Love Coffeehouse. The first show I went to in Sacramento was The Knockoffs at True Love, forever ago. It's fun to get back into the swing of things with respect to music. I hope to do more of it in the new year.

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