Sunday, January 04, 2009

Off the grid

It's official, I'm off-limits. I don't know if I like it, and I'm mostly concerned about maintaining readers who may not have seen my announcement last week, especially since I posted it during a week when nearly everyone is on vacation. When I'm on vacation in DC I plan to set up a mirror site at, where I may include some of the posts from this site, and my Sac Top 25 link will eventually go there.

It occurs to me that it may seem melodramatic for me to limit access to my blog, but I am hoping that it allows me to speak more freely about whatever strikes my fancy. I feel like my posts have gotten very superficial in the past year or so, largely because of my job and desire to maintain some semblance of neutrality. (I know, I fail, but compared with the old partisan tone of this blog, I'm practically opinion-free.)

I have a question for the people who are using the "Follow" feature: is the feed still showing up in your google reader?

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