Sunday, July 19, 2009

Kids in adult spaces

A few years ago, a debate emerged in the pages of some liberal navel-gazing publication like New York Magazine that questioned/lamented the death of adult spaces. At issue was the increasing intrusion of babies and small children into cafes and brunch-oriented establishments. Several restaurants and cafes in (Chicago neighborhood) Andersonville had posted notices alerting customers that they would, in fact, refuse service to obnoxious children. This, of course, sent rich parents in to an entitlement-fueled tizzy, strenuously arguing that their money was just as good as anyone else's. The article presented both sides' arguments cogently, and was very reasonable with respect to the adults-only perspective, which I found refreshing. As a non-breeder with a cascade of friends having babies, I am mostly not conflicted by this. I think that if your baby is crying for more than a minute, you should take the baby outside and deal with it. Or, alternatively, feed it. That usually does the trick. However, since hanging with babies is about the only way I get to see many of my friends these days, I admit that it does give me pause sometimes.

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