Sunday, October 18, 2009


I never thought my life would be so busy I wouldn't have time to record any of it on my blog anymore. I suppose it's all a matter of priorities.

So, that I might know how I'm frittering away my life, a list of my recent exploits:

Saturday, October 3, 2009

To celebrate CC's birthday, I went with CC, BB and KS to the Amador Big Crush. For $35 we got a commemorative glass and visited 7 wineries for samples, paltry food items and terrible music. Fortunately, some of the wine was excellent. I was compelled to purchase the Primabera and Barbera from Karmere Vineyards and several bottles from Sobon Estate. I also really enjoyed the wines at C.G. Di-Arie, and am fascinated by the winemaker's past as the inventor of Capn' Crunch cereal. I wouldn't recommend Renwood, at least for customer service.

Saturday October 10, 2009

My bowling league went on a bike crawl. I happened to stop into Bicycle Chef the morning of the crawl to buy a new helmet and learned of another crawl in the area that was starting there. We began our crawl at Bike Kitchen. We stopped at Golden Bear, Capitol Garage, Bicycle Chef (free Monkey Knife Fight!), One Speed and Socal's. The pizza at One Speed was fantastic. We all had a great time.

After Socals, BB, CC, KS and I went to Chance's 1st birthday party. Good times.

Saturday, October 17th, 2009

We hiked the Feather Falls trail. I was fine until the last mile and a half, when the trail steadily climbed upward with no leveling off to speak of. The hike in is a leisurely 4.5 miles. The other side of the trail is a deceptively shorter 3.3 mile trail. I'm certain I would have gotten out faster on the longer trail, but I'm glad I know the difference between the two. Next time I will take the shorter, more strenuous trail on the way in. Although it's a long hike (8-9 miles, 4-5 hours), it's nothing most folks can't handle.

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