Wednesday, January 06, 2010


I decided to challenge myself to a duel this month. I noticed that, in the course of adding meat back into my diet about 6 years ago, that I also gave myself leave to be incredibly lenient about what went in my mouth when eating at restaurants or grabbing food items during a particularly demanding week at work. This has led to higher cholesterol level than I would prefer, and with the specter of high blood pressure and heart disease looming in my parents and grandparents, I'm keen to avoid the attendant middle-aged malaises that go along with excessive meat consumption.

Thus far, that has not been difficult. What is far more challenging has been my secondary challenge: abstaining from alcohol. I had to make an exception because my wine-tasting club had a previously scheduled meeting, for which I was providing the wine. And going to friends' houses, meeting up for drinks after work, etc, have been more difficult to do. I'm going to a Dine Downtown dinner on the 14th and am at a loss for how to consume fine cuisine without a fine wine complement.

I suppose I will learn. Fortunately, Grange is offering a vegetarian selection for each course!

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