Saturday, January 30, 2010

Walls are overrated

I've been idly researching new apartments for the past few months. I got a microscopic raise at work-- nothing that could lift me out of the quagmire of debt only a lotto jackpot could deliver me from--but enough to get me thinking about moving out of these monk-quality quarters.

Of course, I dream a lot bigger than I can afford. It just seems like, even with the rental market the best its been in years, that the set of amenities and the amount of space I want just can't be had for the price I can pay. In six months maybe, when I've paid off my car repairs and recovered from my summer of cat illness, car break-ins and travel, but not now. And I don't know if the market conditions will hold that long anyway.

Given that I will probably never be satisfied with any conventional California dwelling I might rent, I find myself dreaming of lodgings unusual and ideal for me, and none of them look like the HGTV Dream Home.

When I see my ideal lodging in my mind's eye, it's a giant open floor plan loft. With glossy hardwood floors, laid on the diagonal. In fact, it could be the showroom floor at the West Elm in DC, though much more eclectic. Big arched windows cover two walls, and built-in bookshelves on the other two. There's a clawfoot tub with a shower curtain suspended from the ceiling. A huge kitchen island with a built-in stove and sink sits under a hanging pot rack laden with copper cookware. A reading nook is created by a set of chairs, small bookcase, lamp and fireplace. Tables throughout the space are covered with various projects. Finally, a network of curtain rods provide temporary space separation, for things like uninterrupted sleep.

It would be such a nice space. Anyone got an atypical lodging story to share?

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