Monday, February 08, 2010

Greatest pork chop known to man

I missed my weekly blog post because I spent the weekend in San Francisco with Princezz O'Phun. On Dan's recommendation, I made reservations for us at Nopa, the awesomest restaurant evar. It is so awesome, in fact, that when I told Dan we might be too hungry/tired to wait until 10pm (the earliest I could get a table reserved) and thus might go elsewhere (can you say Dosa?), he admonished me IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. WITH EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!!

So, we went. We were not disappointed. Far from it. In fact, suffused with the warmth and uninhibitedness of two Maker's Marks on the rocks, a Lagunitas IPA and the most tasty Syrah-Carignan blend from Ft. Ross, I was overcome, and proclaimed my pork chop the greatest pork chop ever made.

During a retelling of my adventure, my cubemate suggested I might be exaggerating on the quality of this particular chop, but I was not.

In addition, Princezz had duck with butternut squash, spinach and risotto. I don't like duck. I find it oily and heavy. But this duck? I could eat all day long.

We started with brussel sprouts and ended with a blood orange tart.

Have mercy on me, that meal was amazing. And the dinner conversation with P's friend and his gf was fantastic too!

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