Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The power of good journalism and good people

Nick Kristof wrote about an orphan in Zimbabwe who struggled to get to school each day because the round trip took him 6 hours. He lived in a hut with 4 other kids whose parents had died. Children, banding together like the boxcar children to take care of each other in a banana republic. The story amazes me and breaks my heart.

But I am heartened, because the follow-up story is so great. An aid organization that provides bicycles to poor communities gave the boy, and 199 other individuals in his area, a bike. World Bicycle Relief provides bikes to people in poor and remote areas to increase access. But beyond that, they've taken the time to build relationships and create incentives that make the program sustainable-- protecting girls who ride them to school, training mechanics to support local economies, trading good oversight for free bikes.

Awesome. Truly.

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