Sunday, December 26, 2010

Juice Fast, Day 1: Accomplished

I can tell you, the reactions from my Facebook friends to my fasting plan were pretty funny. Lots of jokes about Juice Newton, juice fests, meat and booze.

Particularly amusing was my friend Eric's quip: "Mmm...barley juice. Mmm...fermented grape juice..."

Booze. I want an old fashioned glass, filled with scotch, neat, so badly right now. Which is odd, given I rarely crave alcohol in the morning unless I've had a crazy night and need a bloody mary to speed recovery. (There is, fortunately, a juice fast version of a bloody mary).

I can tell you that I enjoy how quickly the juicer I am using works its way through fruits and veggies. It's very easy to clean as well. But the prep is a bear. I thought that I'd have time to clean my room yesterday but aside from the 4 hours I spent out of the house, I was chained to the kitchen, constantly washing and chopping vegetables. Fortunately, yesterday was the day I had to make 3 days worth of vegetable broth and green vegetable juice (carrots, cabbage, kale, spinach, celery, apple and garlic). Today should mellow out a bit. I only have to juice my mid-morning, lunch and dessert drinks.

I also found myself quite sad to take the vegetables I used to make my broth out of what was a perfectly tasty soup, as the fast requires. Given how dang much money I spent on this project, I decided to keep the veggies and make a soup out of them. I can use that to break my fast on Tuesday.

A component of this fast that I seem to be largely ignoring is the spiritual/emotional elements. The author of the book recommends journaling, meditating and doing yoga daily (which I already do), as well as conscious bathing and skin brushing (which I think are goofy). She also recommended the creation of an altar. This last task I approached with gusto. Now my living room is home to a tiny Buddha, several lotus flowers, an OM-shaped incense holder and my lovely new organic cotton zafu cushion.

I think I was also supposed to unplug and not hang out so much for this fast, which should be easy given I'm not allowed to eat much food. However, I'm incurably social, so I went to see The Black Swan and visited friends for a holiday open house. So far today I've gone to Nordstrom Rack, and I'm supposed to go to my yoga teacher's going-away party tonight. I'll probably try to go to a movie too.

I suppose it really is the case that I have to leave civilization to fully retreat. As a result, I'm saving up for a retreat, hopefully in late April.

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