Sunday, March 13, 2011

Back brace

I went to a workshop at Forest Vance Training in Land Park yesterday, designed by my chiropractor and Forest Vance. The topic was corrective exercises, which is a fancy way of saying that, as humans, we develop certain postural amd muscular imbalances that require specific exercises to mitigate against. I am particularly prone to neck problems because I work in front of a computer many, many hours of the day (not just during work).

Essentially, working on these problems requires a near-myopic focus on developing core strength. As a longtime yoga practitioner, I despaired a little at the exercises taught in this workshop, because in yoga we do core work ALL THE DANG TIME!

Hopefully a little training-style work in addition to the yoga will help improve things, but I think what I really need is a back brace that keeps my shoulders pulled back and my stomach sucked in at all times. I think they have those in the old people catalog.

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