Sunday, March 27, 2011

Good week

I had to go to Long Beach for work this past week. I arrived on Monday expecting a big pile of work that never really materialized, though I certainly have a lot of stuff waiting for me when I return to my regular tasks tomorrow.

I took advantage of the SoCal location to check out my college roomie Rob's improv show at iO west. The show was called "Buffet of Champions," and it used stand-up comedian bits to provide the improv inspiration. I have a healthy love of improv comedy, largely the result of Rob's participation in it when we were in school. The show was amusing, and Rob's humor has remained delightfully dirty and incongruous. After the show we caught up, and outside on the street ran into another friend of mine from college who also lives in LA and works in "the industry," (as do all my friends from college that live in LA), who happened to be friends with another woman in the same group of performers. I hadn't seen her since graduation, though we are facebook friends. I love the serendipity of that encounter.

Speaking of facebook-mediated serendipity, on Thursday I posted that I wanted to go to see the Scissor Sisters. A friend of mine saw that and linked me up with her sister and we decided to go see the show. I also saw that my cousin, who lives in Minneapolis, was going to be in LA that day, so I messaged him about getting dinner that night, as I had already scheduled dinner with my dad. Lo and behold, Mr. Super-busy was semi-available, so after my dad picked me up we drove to Costa Mesa to get my cousin. We had snacks and drinks at a brewery near South Coast Plaza before dropping my cousin off at Bloomies for a dinner meeting. My dad was pretty pleased. I was too, because it turns out my cousin is a big fan of Scissor Sisters too, and is going to be in SF the day before the show. I convinced him to stay at least another night and go to the show with us.

All in all, it was a pretty good week.

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