Friday, April 15, 2011


I can't believe it. I'm skipping Wanderlust this year after attending two years in a row. I would like to go, and I requested the week off work for the purpose of attending, but every year the music gets less appealing and this year has definitely taken a back seat to the yoga. As much as I enjoy practicing with famous teachers all over the world, I'm less amenable to the bikini model/gymnast/dancer exhibitionism that increasingly pervades the festival. As accepting as I've tried to be of my body and to be focused inward, and to appreciate what I can do without judgment, I haven't yet become so enlightened that a constant onslaught of Baywatch does yoga doesn't have an effect on my enjoyment.

I get enough awesome yoga here in Sacramento, and I can always go take a class with Rusty Wells, Janet Stone, Jason Crandell, etc in SF for a lot less than the price of a Wanderlust day pass. So it would seem, instead that this year is about enjoying music festivals. To that end, last week I made sure to secure tickets to Outside Lands in August. And I secured lodging at a friend's in a part of town that I really like and isn't far from the park.

I now have to stop spending money immediately. My outflow has been a little outrageous this year.

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