Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Staying earthy

A few years ago, I tore a horoscope out of the Sacramento News and Review and put it in my wallet. Despite some questions as to the veracity of its claims about language, ti still does a good job of reminding me what I'm doing today:

"Leo - Never before in the history of the English language have the words "wildfire" and "devotion" appeared side by side. And yet here they are now, together at last, conspiring to convey a subtly spectacular meaning to you. It's time, my dear Leo, for you to practice wildfire devotion: to be both earthy and vehement, to blend incendiary style with deeply rooted commitment, to be as flamingly relentless as a wildfire in your staunch devotion to your future's most potent dream."

Today, the mention of the word "earthy" is particularly resonant. People tend to use that term in a negative context to encourage me to be more girly/feminine, to wear makeup or display more cleavage or some other more obvious signal of using sexuality to get attention. I've never been very good at being a girly girl and I don't feel authentic when I try to be. Furthermore, the unapologetic feminist in me refuses to conform to this societal pressure to use traditional gender dynamics to my advantage--which is what I view these entreaties to be. I'm sure its not intended to insult me, but I happen to like being "earthy." It gives me integrity and credibility, and, I hope, helps move the needle toward a society in which how one looks doesn't define one's success.

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