Wednesday, July 27, 2011

An education

Remember when I wrote about city redistricting? Specifically, my hope that the committee would publicly and fairly vet ideas based on their merit, and that, by doing so, the council would have to heed the recommendations of the committee? The recommendations that were based on public input and our understanding of redistricting principles?

Well, I got wind that that was not going to be the case, so I wrote what I hoped was a good defense of our process, and got it published in the paper yesterday. I knew it wouldn't matter, though, and, if you read Cosmo Garvin's account of last night's events, you will see that it didn't.

And so concludes my first direct experience with city politics.

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BBC said...

wow! this would be SOOOOOOOOO aggravating! i'm sorry all your hard work is not being appreciated!