Monday, November 14, 2011

Coming out of the dark

I stopped posting so frequently here for three reasons. First, the snafu with the Bee, when they published my Christmas lament without my permission. Second, my job, which makes me wary of writing about political issues -- since I don't want to give the impression that I can't be impartial via opining on political issues. And finally, Facebook has usurped all my blogging energy.

I no longer care whether the Bee publishes what I say. I willingly volunteer my opinions on occasion. My job has clarified its social media policy in such a way that I feel comfortable offering most of my opinions, and I still trust my judgement to know what's beyond the pale.

That leaves Facebook's siren song. I think the format of my blog makes me feel compelled to write large swaths of content, and facebook offers me a way to post and quickly spark conversations that I can dip into and leave as time permits. Blogging used to be more like that but has, for me, become more of a one-way street. So I'm looking for a way to combine the two. To start, I shall cross post, and go from there.

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