Sunday, June 16, 2013

Six Weeks

Today is roughly six weeks from my 36th birthday. I'm taking some time to reflect on my goals for the next year of my life, with an eye toward physical and personal transformation. I am also going to spend the next six weeks setting the right tone for this process and hopefully laying fertile ground for my meditation retreat in late July/early August.

First, physical. The events of the past 2 years have taken their toll, and I've regained most of the weight I'd lost by my 34th birthday. Starting today, I'm getting back to basics - eating better, exercising regularly, and sleeping enough. I give up my attachment to boundless energy and see the frenetic pace at which I've been living my life for what it is: not good for my adrenal glands.

Of equal importance is my personal growth. As I reflect on the last couple years, it sort of blows my mind just how much I've managed to stuff into my life, crowding out meditation, yoga and personal and professional development. Not only that, but I've been so consumed with other people and city policy and politics that I no longer feel like I have anything interesting to say, nor am I able to be chill and fun. I'm lucky that some folks have managed to tolerate me while I went through this fugue, but it stops today.

The nice thing about realizing all of this at this moment is that I have the ability to change it.

I'm about to set up my yoga mat and practice. Namaste!

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